Based in Brighton, UK

Release date:
14th November 2017

Nintendo Switch (WIP) (Q2)


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Steam PC9.99 USD


Beekyr Reloaded is a hardcore bee'em up, shoot 'em up with bees. The game breaks molds, moving away from the typical STG game, avoiding the space theme mixing vertical and horizontal scrolling stages with other fun game mechanics. Each stage is very different from the previous: one level we could be fighting poisonous scorpions, another defending the hive collecting pollen, dodging bee-eaters, raiding dark caves protected by the most evil of wasps: Hornets.


Kaleidogames originally released Beekyr in 2014 for Android (as Beekyr: Eco Shoot'em up). That version would be the equivalent of an Alpha version to this game. Shortly after that development on the game stopped, as the developer was expecting a new baby. Back then, the art style made players think it was a game for young children, but in reality it was intended for experienced players. Despite that, there have been almost 20.000 downloads for Android, but the full potential of the game was not realised. Two years later, in 2016, Kaleidogames restarted development with a focus on connecting better with the experienced players it was designed for. A more aggressive look and feel was the result. With new stages, new player types, new game progress map, more enemies (including bosses), analog controllers support, new coop-mode and new attack types.... Beekyr Reloaded (for PC-Windows) was born in November 2017.


  • Mold-breaking theme: Based in the treacherous world of insects.
  • 'Shmup first-play' friendly gameplay: Novice mode and 'Generic Shmup Tutorial' to enable new players understand and enjoy all shmup games.
  • Horizontal and Vertical stages with very different game formats!
  • 16 cool bosses to fight.
  • Secrets: multiple playable characters, multiple endings, unlockable stages / worlds.
  • Real co-op multiplayer mode.
  • Enormous re-playability: 4 different stage combinations that might offer from 18 to 29 stages. Depending on game events and difficulty mode.
  • Global rank system, achievements. (Only Steam).
  • Natural hazards in each level (storms, waterfalls, wind, rocks, dark caves...)
  • Powerups system. Innovatives 'Bee-squad' bomb and 'Bee-swarm' flock attack.
  • Precise analog or digital controls: Steam and Xbox 360 controller support.
  • 18 retro monitor effects: Retro Arcade visuals, bloom, pixelated, trippin' and many more.
  • Amazing soundtrack.
  • Playable in low-end gaming PCs.
  • Translated to: EN/ES/JA/CH-ZH/FR/DE/IT/PT/PL


Beekyr Reloaded YouTube

Beekyr Reloaded : Stage 2-1 YouTube

Beekyr Reloaded : Expert Gameplay YouTube

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    Selected Articles & Quotes

      • "Beekyr Reloaded is a joy to play for all senses as in terms of gameplay"
        - Spidey (Translated quote), Spanish printed magazine
      • "It's hard to find better options within the arcade world and shoot'em up games. Kaleidogames stablishes as one of the specialists in the genre. Superb work giving us a frantic game with a attractive graphics; several game modes for novice and expert players; and a ton of secrets and unlockables."
        - GDejota (Translated quote), Devuego

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