Based in Madrid (Spain) Prev: UK

Release date:
February 2016 (1.3)

PC - Steam
PC - GreenManGaming
PC - Arcade Cabinet Mode


Regular Price:

PC - Steam7.99 USD
Arcade Cabinet (DRM free)11.95 USD


Vortex Attack is a frenetic arcade space shooter specially designed for tournaments. The game is based in classic mechanics with interesting new features like vortex system, different playable ships, tons of upgrades, explosive effects and an intense local multiplayer mode.



From an initial little choice of ships, (more unlockable by playing) the player has to destroy all the vortices they will face accross several galaxies.

Game's history

The alien war machines caught us by surprise. A strange energy vortex appeared near colony Vehar-12, then they came, swarming from the centre of the vortex. The first attack was just over 20 Eartho-days ago and already eighteen colonies have been lost. 56 million souls, gone. Now they're approaching Earthos, our biggest colony. We're fighting back, but if it falls, we will be all but destroyed. The vortices had seemed all but indestructible. But now we have hope. Our technicians patched together a captured war machine, and discovered the key to the vortices, a new kind of energy they've dubbed 'Lumergy'. Our first tests of the device lead to an unexpected discovery. The energy used to create a vortex could also be used to destroy one. Using our modified war machine we can collect the Lumergy, and reverse its energy to collapse a vortex, destroying the swarm within. We can predict where the next vortex will open, and we can destroy it. We have only one chance at this, only one ship. Your only mission: Destroy the vortices. Save all of us.

Game mechanics

The goal of each level is to close the vortices. Although some vortices will take several stages to close. Upon reaching a level where the vortex can be totally closed, it will unleash the most dangerous of its swarms to make things a lot harder for our players. The twist we've added in this game is that the vortex on each level will keep growing, throwing ever increasing waves of enemies to overwhelm the player, so that they must continually fight to push the vortex back. The game has been especially designed to play with up to 3 friends, although we're considering adding an optional fourth player based on player feedback.

To implode the vortices, the player must destroy enemies to collect their energy. On top of the vortex there are two spheres: The player level (blue sphere) and the vortex level (red sphere). When the energy item sent by the player reaches the vortex, the blue sphere shrinks the black hole, symbolized with the red sphere. But in the other hand the black hole is constantly growing stretching the blue sphere. The game ends when the blue sphere makes the red one disappear or the red one grows to its maximum size. The concept is kind of new, reuses the concept based in Beekyr and improves it by removing the unnecessary bits.

The idea

After their first game Beekyr, Kaleidogames wanted to experiment with a more abstract space theme, whilst building on the successful gameplay of Beekyr. This resulted in the initial prototype for Vortex Attack, which they put in front of players at several game festivals. Even in this rough state, players were immediately captured by the game, with people playing all day long at each festival. Following that success, Kaleidogames decided to make it into a full game, including a local multiplayer mode that combines the best elements of competition and collaboration.


  • Up to 3 simultaneous local players
  • 11 ship models (evolving up to 4 levels max)
  • Steam™ Integration: Online leaderboards, 70+ achievements, cards, etc.
  • Regular tournaments (via Steam™ or local hi-scores)
  • Beautiful and intense sci-fi particles madness
  • Tons of individual upgrades
  • Hundreds of fun levels featuring the innovative Vortex System, bosses and bonus
  • Action neo-retro FX and music
  • Arcade coin-op: Design and integration
  • DRM free version for cabinets


Vortex Attack Trailer YouTube

Vortex Attack showcased in fairs around Spain YouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "Vortex Attack in the top list for "best design" in GamesBoss 2016 awards" Zaragoza, Spain 22 May 2016
  • "Vortex Attack in the top list for "best videogame" in 'Madrid Games Week' within 'Made In Spain Games' booth" Madrid, Spain 1-4 October 2015
  • "Vortex Attack was selected to be showcased with other 9 projects in 3D-wire, International media and arts festival." Segovia, Spain 9-10 October 2015

Selected Articles & Quotes

    • "Competitive Shmup Vortex Attack Will Have Online Tournaments Once Launched"
      - Chris Priestman, Siliconera
    • "8.5/10 - While the graphics remind players of 2015, everything else in Vortex Attack takes them back to an 80s arcade and tests their skills with the best of them."
      - Alex Santa Maria, Tech Raptor
    • "4/5 - Vortex Attack is chaotic, simple, and fun."
      - Ashton Macaulay, Gizorama
    • "4/5 - Anyone who is a fan of old school, classic shot-em ups, then we’ll think you’ll really enjoy this one. Vortex Attack is a reinvention of those classic games, with clear, vibrant colors and addictive gameplay."
      - Zoe, Gamers At Home
    • "76% - Vortex Attack modernizes the classic Galaga formula with fast and addicting gameplay while staying true to the genre’s roots."
      - Gonçalo Tordo, Tech Gaming
    • "8/10 - Vortex Attack is a great Arcade-style Space Shooter that can steal hours of your life. "
      - Zak Murkin, Gamer Headlines
    • "8/10 - Vortex Attack stays true to the genre’s roots."
      - Drydween Jess, 3rd Strike
    • "7.5/10 - This game promises many long hours of gameplay"
      - Michael Elliott, OTAKU Music Radio (Spanish)
    • "4.5/5 - Vortex Attack is a frantic, arcade shooter delight."
      - Early Access Podcast, Early Access Podcast
    • "This seemingly simple title was the most fun that I’ve had with any arcade game since the original Galaga."
      - Michael Elliott, 8 Bit gamer
    • "The game that put my arm and resistance to the limits while crushing buttons. Galaga's grandson formula that never gets old"
      - fran_friki : Shmup Expert, Twitter Profile