Based in Madrid (Spain) Prev: UK

Founding date:
May, 2013


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2015 Vortex Attack
2013 Beekyr Android
2018 Beekyr Reloaded Swarm Update
2019 Vortex Attack EX
2024 Slam And Roll


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KaleidoGames, an independent studio developing polished fun games and useful apps. The addictive playability and difficulty of the games are strongly influenced by MSX (8-bit computer), Commodore Amiga (16-bit computer) and Arcade games from 80s and early 90s.


Pre KaleidoGames

Jaime Dominguez - professional flash developer since 2004. In 2012, developed a remake of a game called Valkyr. In 2013 decided to go one step further and make his own game he was able to gather an illustrator a composer: Beekyr was ready for the world and KaleidoGames came to life. Since then, Jaime has been developing apps and games with help of some other artists reaching high quality polished titles.

Kaleidogames Progress (2014-2019)

In 2014 we released Beekyr Eco Shoot'em up. It was our first game as group / studio. It was released for Android and we made a few big mistakes: not many games were sold but game got lots of downloads with very high ratings. We learnt how to make a good game but not how to sell it. After that, Kaleidogames made the best tea brewing app for Android (still, in 2019, placed on top results, Android). Then, in 2015 we released Vortex Attack. Innitially a mobile game but it was turned into an arcade game. We made new mistakes but this time it was better. Even having really basic graphics we managed to create a fan base. Then, there was a whole year full of experimentation with Vortex Attack updates, tournaments and fairs till we polished gameplay at it's best. After that, out reviews improved (95% positive reviews in Steam) we were selling a lot more.

2013 - 2018 Creating and self-publishing 4 games + 2 apps using AIR-FLASH.

Later in 2016, we started to apply all this new knowledge into our first title to sell it in Steam as we felt the game had a lot of potential. It was released for Steam-PC in 2017 with enhanced gameplay and new graphics and updated in 2018. We are very happy with it, we tend to be more original than commercial. We learned how to produce and sell a game, specially in the overcrowded Steam store. Still a long way to go but we are not doing bad anymore. We indend to keep making original addictive games.

2018 - Kaleidogames in Consoles via publisher.

They ported and released Beekyr Reloaded for Nintendo Switch. We had our hopes high, but port didn't work out well.

2018 - Kaleidogames leaves Adobe AIR and moves to HAXE

It was a quick way to port our Flash games to Consoles, we later figured out XBOX and Playstation was not possible with our Haxe kits.

2019 - Kaleidogames in Consoles via self-publishing.

We started working directly with Nintendo and Microsoft.

2021 - Kaleidogames moves into Unity.

This allowed us to be able to work in all consoles.

2024 - Kaleidogames releases SLAM AND ROLL.

Just ended development of our first game in Unity. Currently looking for specialiced streamers and publishers.

Fairs assistance (2014-)

We have attended, exposed and organized contests in more than 50 fairs. The list is huge but our influence has been mainly Spain.


Slam and Roll [2024] YouTube

Vortex Attack EX [2019] YouTube

Beekyr Reloaded [2018] YouTube

Vortex Attack showcased in fairs [2014-2015] YouTube

KaleidoGames in ParlaBytes Fair [2014] YouTube



There are far more images available for KaleidoGames, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles & Quotes

  • "Article: Creation of KaleidoGames and Vortex Attack"
    - Dan Paredes, infinitelives.us
  • "Are actual players less skilled than 20 years ago?"
    - [FEATURED POST] GamaSutra, gamasutra.com

Team & Repeating

Jaime Domínguez (founder)
Leader and developer, Freelancer

Mete Burch Bator (from 2013)
Music composer/ sound designer, Freelancer

Daniel Nevado, Illustrator, designer (from 2017)
Beekyr Reloaded (2017), Game arts

Diego Gangl Illustrator (2013-2014)
Beekyr (2013) Artist

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