Goofy aliens set their sights on our monuments, but fear not! The sports club is ready to foil their plans. Dive into relentless battles across 200+ stages—a frantic tribute to the '90s 'stage clear' arcade games. Play solo or with a friend locally, and get lots of hours of fun.



From an initial little choice of 2 characters, Uli and Laura, (more unlockable by playing) the player has to clear all stages accross our planet.

Game's lore

Earth's monuments are under attack, and the conventional human arsenal is ineffective against the extraterrestrial invaders. Fortunately, the sports club, armed with magically enhanced sports equipment, is ready to defend our planet alongside the ingenious Dr. McLabby!

Game mechanics

Encapsulating enemies using magic weapons can be SLAMMED while they are inside giant balls to be rolling down the screen hiting the rest of enemies. The less slams a player does, the more rewards will get.

Progress: 1992-2024

Slam and Roll was first concieved in 1992 (with a different name, for MSX). Jaime, the main guy behind Kaleidogames, tried to make something with just 10 years in MSX-BASIC along with a friend. But without the brainpower or the tools they were unnable to do so... 20 years later, he tried to gather several teams for its development but couldn't make it happen. Finally in 2021, after 4 different teams, definitive development team was finally gathered to develop the full game. Now it's 2024 and Slam and Roll is completely developed and ready to be ported.


  • Choose your gaming style: classic hardcore 'arcade mode' or modernized 'tour mode' gameplay for everyone with adaptive difficulty for all skill levels.
  • Over 200 playable stages with bosses, puzzles, secret levels, unlockable stages and bonuses.
  • A diverse cast of sporty and lively characters to play with.
  • Unleash super high replayability through unlockables: characters, game modes, secret items, scattered tour and bonus stages
  • A nostalgic love letter to 90s 'stage clear' arcade games.
  • Play solo or in local co-op with a friend - defend the world together.
  • Online leaderboards with extensive customization to represent players worldwide.
  • Immerse yourself in the authentic Arcade coin-op experience with meticulous design and modernized integration.


Slam And Roll - PRE-RELEASE TRAILER. (February 2024) YouTube

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    KaleidoGames, an independent studio developing polished fun games and useful apps. The addictive playability and difficulty of the games are strongly influenced by MSX (8-bit computer), Commodore Amiga (16-bit computer) and Arcade games from 80s and early 90s.

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    Slam and Roll Credits

    Jaime DomĂ­nguez
    Leader and developer, designer... multiskilled leader at KaleidoGames

    Pixel Artist, Freelance

    Artifactual Tangent, artificer111
    Pixel Artist, Freelance

    Pablo Thonon (Some International)
    Music composer/sound designer, music teacher, Freelance

    Sergio Pomez
    Game tester

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